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Chak De Fuzyon

It All Started With The Early Trans Saharan Caravans Leaving The North African Coast On A Journey To Reach The Mediterranean Lands, Europe And What Is Now The Middle East. On Their Routes This Caravans Came Into Contact With The Traders From The Silk Road. It Was During This Great Human Migrations That The Exchange Of Spices And Herbs Helped Fuel The Birth Of A New And Exciting Taste On The Global Palate.

It Was The Migrants Of Hakka Descendancy Who Settled Down In Various Regions Of India,Bringing Along With Them Their Indigenous Foods, Spices And Cooking Techniques, And So Indo-Chinese Cuisine Was Born.The Hakka Merged Their Cooking Style Which Puts Emphasis On The Abundance Of Vegetables And Use Of Simple Recipes With The Complex And Vast Range Of Exotic Indian Spices And Herbs.

Today Indo-Chinese Fusion Cuisine Is Known World Wide, With Restaurants Boasting Their Delicious Creations All Trough The Pan Asian Region, Europe And America. Chak De Fuzyon Prides Itself In Bringing Together Indo-Chinese Recipes And Traditional Indian Cuisine All With A Fresh Modern Twist.

Welcome To Chak De FuzyonTraditional Indian Cuisine Indo-Chinese Recipes Cuisine All With A Fresh Modern TwistCall Us Today 1-708-894-7160

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It all started with the early trans Saharan caravans leaving the north African coast on a journey to reach the Mediterranean lands, Europe and what is now the middle east. On their routes this caravans came into contact with traders from the......

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Chak De Fuzyon, Where Classic Indian Fare Blends Effortlessly With Chinese And Continental Flavors. Using A Wide Range Of Exotic Herbs And Spices,Merging The Classic CookIng Techniques With A Fresh Innovative Concept. Our Aim....

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We welcome you to come in and try our Indo-Chinese recipes and traditional Indian cuisine at Chak De Fuzyon, or call us at 1-708-894-7160 or contact us from your contact us page, we welcome and look forward to hearing from you....

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Phone: 1-708-894-7160
Chak De Fuzyon
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